The Dan Van Dyke Scholarship


The Van Dyke Foundation presents an annual scholarship to a student going to a four-year university or community college.  

Dan Van Dyke had a passion for community service. Whether it meant spending time with the Wyoming Chamber of Commerce or one of his many volunteer positions at church serving others was not just something Dan did, it was who he was. The Dan Van Dyke scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate this level of compassion for the community they live in. 

How does it work: 

-  Download the application (download link below), fill it out, assemble your documents and send it in electronically.

 Note: All completed application and supporting documentation must be submitted electronically to be considered. No applications sent as a mailing will be opened or considered for the scholarship. All documentation must be sent in ONE email.

Who may apply: 

-  Applicants must be a high school senior planning on attending full time at an accredited college or university.

-  Applicants must be able to demonstrate a passion for community service.

-  Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of greater than 2.5

-  Applicants must be US citizens.

When will I hear: 

-  The application deadline is March 15.  Once the deadline has expired, the scholarship program will review all applications and notify the awardee.


Scholarship Flyer:  .pdf

Scholarship Application:  .pdf

Email any questions or comments to:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

 1. How do I submit my application?

 Combine all your documents electronically and email them to

 2. How do I fill out and save the electronic pdf application?

 Download the pdf file from the website and save it to your computer. Open the file using an application such as Adobe Reader. Begin filling out the application. Once complete, select 'Save' or 'Save As' on the application to save it back to your computer. Any files opened in a web browser may not save correctly. Before sending in your application, ensure the data filled out has correctly saved. Blank applications will not be able to be considered.

 3. How many essays do I need to submit?

 You only need to provide one 500 word essay, the application has been modified to clear up the confusion.

 4. What if all my information does not fit on my application?

 Create another electronic document and send that along with your application. Indicate on your application that more information is included in another document.

 5. What items can be mailed?

 No items should be mailed. Any documentation mailed will not be opened or considered for the scholarship.